Vapor Pain Control Pac (VPCP)

The Vapor Pain Control Pac (VPCP) is a novel, miniaturized and portable vaporizer device used to deliver metered amounts of inhalational anesthetic (principally sevoflurane), to a traumatized patient in any degree of clinical pain, as a 'pre-hospital' care action to control pain, or to provide a level of surgical anesthesia in the event that critical surgical intervention is required. It mirrors the physical footprint of an IPAD mini.  Presently, this means of pain control is provided as a first response, pain treatment in emergency transport in Australia, Middle-eastern and in some European countries, as standard actions of pre-hospital patient triage care, however the delivery system employed (Penthrox Inhaler), is primitive.   Our VPCP is in the design stage and PAS is seeking to take this product to an engineering house to complete its design & engineering review and validaLogotion.