Flexible Laminate Aluminum Packaging (FLAP) is a novel packaging design for gas anesthesia agents. The FLAP packaging design uses a combination of aluminum, sandwiched and laminated between co-polymer resins and, or nylon, to contain anesthetic gases like sevoflurane, isoflurane, desflurane, halothane, and ethrane, thereby satisfying a national and worldwide market opportunity.  Advantages in utilizing the FLAP package system include lower manufacturing costs in comparison to present industry standards of rigid glass or rigid aluminum packaging; a lighter weight design; flexible, and incapable of breakage or crushing, causing significant volume loss.  These design features add to safety  and cost savings in handling, storing prior distribution, shipping, and in shelf storage efficiency for the end user.  FLAP has been intentionally engineered to fit to industry standard, agent specific, key fill spouts that communicate between the gas agent storage packaging to any gas unique anesthetic vaporizer.  This practical approach to our design will allow for an immediate entry and integration into the anesthetic gas packaging market place.