Portable Anesthesia Solutions is a biomedical technology design company developing products for pre-hospital pain management, patient self-administration, and/or surgical anesthesia. Acute and chronic pain affects over 100 million people in the United States. Existing options for pain treatment are wrought with issues of drug unavailability and physiological addiction to existing pharmacologics. We have developed two anesthetic gas vaporizers, the mechanical PAS 1000, and the digital, programmable VPCP, to deliver pain relief to this burgeoning market. Our customers include acute trauma patients as well as chronic pain sufferers.

Options for managing and treating acute or chronic pain are limited in modern medicine and require significant improvement. Pain impacts people both physically, but also emotionally, creating an air of persistent stress, and even a diminished sense of personal worth. Pharmacologic options for pain management are wrought with issues regarding legal controls directly impacting drug dispensing and availability, and there are physiological addiction concerns as well. Moreover, there are over 20,000 deaths annually reported as a direct use of opiate overdosing in the US alone. According to the World Health Organization, a global policy maker for human healthcare issues, there is NO single, standardized approach to either assessing; or, managing and treating acute and chronic pain.

Over 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in the USA. As a result, over $635 billion dollars are spent annually in the US, in either direct (absolute dollars), or indirect (decreased economic productivity) towards healthcare costs. These costs are greater than the dollars attributed to managing diabetes, heart disease and cancer, collectively. There are over 110 million calls to emergency rooms in the US every year and over 26,000,000 involve severe pain. There are over 150,000 licensed ambulances and greater than 3000 medevac units worldwide, transporting and managing acute pain victims, in triage with little to no options to relieve this pain. And again, there are hundreds of millions of chronic pain sufferers globally, all reasonable and available markets for use of our VPCP pain treatment device.